TARDIS LessonEdit

Doctor: Clara! Help!!!

Clara: I don't know how to fly the TARDIS!

Doctor: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

The TARDIS crashes in a building.

A woman runs.

Woman: He is here! The Doctor is here!

Doctor: That's what I call a landing!

Woman: I am Lucina Braker, head of the ministrey and we need your help.

Clara: He's just regenerated. He's a bit..

Lucina: Oh, of course. Professer Song warned us on her last visit.

Clara: River was here?

Lucina: You should know. You came with her.

Clara: What?

Lucina pionts to a board, there are photos of River with many companions.

Lucina: No time. The healing process must begin! 

Seven more women appear and Lucina gets a box.

Lucina: Clara, watch carefully.

Lucina rubs some boling water over the Doctor's face.

Doctor: Ouch!

Lucina: Don't worry, Doctor! It will heal you.

Clara: How will this help?

Lucina: Hush young one! This must not go wrong!

Lucina rubs some fluids all over his head, neck, shoulders and arms.

Doctor: Aaaah! This is nice!

Lucina: Now for the final stage of the healing process.

Lucina takes the Doctor's coat and shirt off and feels his hearts.

Lucina: Both working. The process can continue!

More To Be Added Soon.